Argus Subsea is a company born of ingenuity. The team includes entrepreneurial leaders on a mission to design, manufacture and deliver quality subsea production equipment that gets the job done right, especially when time is at a premium.    

The company's revolutionary new subsea tree, the AZ-10, represents the type of engineering breakthrough the Argus team thrives on. It's ready to go right off the
shelf, and with a few custom tweaks to meet client specifications, it provides powerful performance in a streamlined package. 

Specifically designed for early production, conventional fields and extended well testing, the AZ-10 offers innovations and commercial flexibility, getting you to First Oil and Gas quicker.



Argus Subsea was formerly part of the Galathea Group, the parent company to some of the most innovative oilfield service companies in the world.

Earlier this year, a new financing arrangement was completed which allowed the Galathea Group to merge with Proserv to form one single entity. This single entity is now officially known as Proserv and all companies previously part of the Galathea Group are now being recognised and branded as Proserv.

Proserv has a large global footprint employing almost 800 people in 10 countries and 21 sites. Our combined group of companies provide products and services for the entire oilfield lifecycle.

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